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About Educozone

Educozone is an integrated school, institute, colleges or educational platforms management software that handles all aspects of operations very smoothly. Just logon to your system and start managing. Learn more about our mission, who we are, and what people around the world are saying about Educozone.

In support of our mission, our company and products are founded on the following principles:

We Are
Mission Driven

Educozone, the ERP solution providers for schools, colleges and institutes started in 2017. Teachers, parents or any other related entities can logon to the system, create, edit or modify or manage any of the detail according to their own wish.

Educators Give Our Kids the Best Chance

We are one stop solution for educational management systems.Course work and allocation, faculty management, fee management, hostel management, other tracking Can easily be managed. It’s a complete software where all educational business process can be managed effectively.

The Stronger Our Team, the Greater Impact We Have

User friendly environment and security are the best features, we always provide. Our solutions are really helping in adding quality at educational levels. Generating reports is too easy and thus increasing education standard by making the best and instant decisions.

Thousands of schools and districts are making the switch to Educozone. Don't get left behind.

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